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Press releases

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Judges' comments

“The general category had everything from infrastructure works all the way through to the public realm and huge private projects as well; so a great diversity in there; a great range of skills being shown by the entrants and a really good representation for where the region is going in terms of the progress. Overall, the MEED Project Awards are very consistent and very well procured.”

Jason Burnside, Partner, Godwin Austen Johnson

“The quality across the board at the MEED Projects Awards was very high; and is a true testament to the activity in the region. Overall, excellent quality!”

Ryan McPherson, Regional Director, EICUK Middle East

“In the past, particularly in this region we have seen a lot of projects that focus on the brick and mortar and the aesthetics of the actual building. Now we are seeing a shift that highlights the performance of the building, lifecycle costs, sustainability and how buildings influence people and what experiences the buildings create. And this is exactly what we are seeing in the project entries this year. So it is a really great shift; very positive projects and really exciting!”

Robert Jackson, Director, RICS

“The judging process was fantastic. We were encouraged to have healthy, engaging discussions and the process allowed us to arrive at an amicable solution whilst picking the winners”

Aymen Hachaichi, Vice President, Corporate Finance, APICORP

Have a look at all the judges comments here

PR & marketing guide for 2019 winners

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Internal communication

Use of ‘MEED Projects Awards in association with Mashreq’ banners

  • Send an internal announcement/newsletter – to your whole team and head office
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Internal team motivation

  • Reward the person/team who took the time and effort to complete the nomination process for the awards

External communication

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