The project awards are open to all GCC projects that achieved practical completion, or equivalent, between January 2017 and December 2018.

The project awards are for project teams who deserve recognition for the high standard of work, adherence to budget and client satisfaction in a healthy and safe working environment. The categories celebrate the best of GCC project delivery, and the entries should reflect that.

The entry should have one main proposer but please also provide details of other relevant companies involved (as a minimum, the entry should contain details of the client, the developer, the engineer, the architect, the principal contractor and any specialist contractors). Larger projects, in particular, will be expected to reflect the size of the team.

Each application should be accompanied by three different photographs of the completed project and may be supported by up to three different photographs of the project under construction.

The judging will consist of a detailed analysis of the project based on the submission and against our below mentioned criteria.