1. What are the key dates for the MEED Projects Awards 2018?

Key Dates

Entries Open:

November 2017

National Winners Announced:

15 March 2018

Entries Close:

31 January 2018

Awards Night & GCC
Winners Announced:

2 May 2018


21 February 2018

2. Who can enter the MEED Projects Awards?

Project owners and project teams who have commissioned and completed a major project from January 2013 until December 2017. However, as a stakeholder (Engineering firms, Architects and Construction Contractors and Consultants) you are able to enter if you have secured permission and approval from the project owner.

3. Why enter? If successful...

• Win more work by showcasing your innovative, high quality and best projects.

• Promote your company name and image, boost your company morale and owner satisfaction, and gain recognition for your hard work.

• Publicity through the associated Media Partners. The potential for positive media coverage in broadcast media, regional and trade titles and the partners’ / sponsors’ own publications and newsletters.

• Unrivalled business opportunity to network and form solid relationships with leaders in the projects industry

• Congratulate your clients and your teams on their success.

4. How can I enter?

Please register online by clicking on the "Submit Entry/Login" button on the menu bar above. Following your registration, you will be able to choose create entries for the relevant categories for your firm and submit when completed. If you have any questions on the process or need clarification on the questions, please drop us a line on meedevents@meed.com.

5. Who were the Judges of the 2018 MEED Awards for Projects?

Click here to view judges

6. What is the Judging Process?

The judging will take place in two stages:

• At the national level, for each GCC country individually to choose the National Winners - Our judges will review all project nominations for their specific country; this will consist of a detailed analysis of the project based on the submission and against our below-mentioned criteria.

• At the GCC level for the overall winners where all the judges convene to make their decision.

7. Why is there an entry fee?

The entry fee is an administration fee charged to cover the judging expenses.

8. How do I choose the best category for an entry?

Please read the description of each category before you choose which category is best suited to enter your project - you will enter your project into the category for its market sector and also the Sustainable Project of the Year if relevant / Small Project of the Year (project value under $35m).

9. May I submit the same entry in different categories?

The same project can only be entered into its project industry award, the Sustainable Project of the Year and the Innovation Project of the Year. 

10. How can I associate my company with the MEED Projects Awards if my company is not a Project Owner?

As a stakeholder in the project, you are able to enter if you have secured permission and approval from the project owner. There is a tick box in the entry form to confirm that you have the required approvals (we don't need the approval in writing; however we do request a contact for the Project Owner on the entry form)

11. How can I associate my company with the MEED Projects Awards if my company does not have an eligible project for this year’s edition?

The MEED Projects Awards will bring together the best of the industry for one night, making it an absolute must-attend for anyone looking to network or any organisation looking to engage with these leading firms. To understand how your organisation can participate at MEED Projects Awards through a tailored proposal, please drop a quick line to becky.crayman@meed.com